About Us

The history and the beginning of our story...

Born in 2006 Cool Exposure is not only an organization
dealing in communication media but in course of time,
has grown into a platform of a group of young and
talented media and communication professionals. Its
vision is to create an alternative dimension in the field of
media & communication, marketing, event
management, AV productions, digital content
development, publications etc.

The platform is pretty new nonetheless each member of
this group is a veteran in different fields of media
communication & production.



A veteran of the graphics, printing, and audio-visual production industry Mehedi Hasan Mithun also is a visionary event manager and administrator, especially thriving in multi-stakeholder participation. He is a self-starter, duty-bound, and a highly committed team player with strong knowledge of managing multiple projects. He has skilled in analyzing information, and problem-solving, in addition to good communication and interpersonal skills. Mehedi Hasan Mithun is a founder member of the Make Trade Fair Alliance Bangladesh, as part of the ‘Make Trade Fair’ global campaign. He also is the organizing secretary of a right-based organization Citizens Rights Movement and the general secretary of the Human Resource Development Training Organization.

Mehedi Hasan MITHUN

Managing Director

A photographer, journalist, and event manager, Ershadul Huq is above all a man of connections, who apart from working on relations also lends his expertise to the unique area of press mobilization. He has worked for building the archive of Radio ABC & Radio Amar besides rendering his expertise to assist a score of NGOs, Corporate concerns, and other esteemed houses and establishments to surface in the media. He has enormously contributed to building various awareness programs and established a unique trend in the media and communications sector.

Ershadul Huq TINKU

Chief Executive Officer

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